IT Relocation Services

Hassle-free and safe IT equipment storage, delivery, relocation, and reinstallment


Xinix is committed to providing top-notch IT relocation services for hassle-free and secure equipment storage, delivery, and installation. We understand that moving offices is an arduous task and needs utmost care for valuable IT equipment to prevent damage. With our expertise and thorough planning, we are here to help you with IT hardware relocation.

Our dedicated team understands the critical nature of your IT equipment and the importance of minimal downtime. We ensure thorough assessment, planning, careful packaging, fast and secure transportation, and reinstallation. Servers, computers, networking devices, and data centers, we handle all sorts of IT hardware relocation, within assigned time frame and budget.


Specialized in Moving Valuable IT Hardware – IT Relocation Services

Our professional team conduct a detailed assessment and develop a comprehensive action plan to make your move successful. With Xinix, your digital assets are in safe hands.


Our first step of IT relocation is a thorough assessment of your IT infrastructure, devices, and hardware components. this assessment enables us to devise a proper plan of action.

We will assess if the servers are being moved in the rack or dismounted. Additionally, we will verify the travel path and estimate the time to power down the servers and related components, and ensure the availability of phone systems such as VoIP during the relocation process, etc. Furthermore, our team will do all the necessary arrangements to set up your new office. With all these details, our team can effectively plan, procure and execute your IT office relocation.


We will need a certain level of IT procurement to ensure the successful transfer and reinstallation of computing systems at the new location.

For the reinstallation of hardware and IT relocation, we have to procure some switches, communications cabinets, and backup UPS power systems. Our experts will efficiently handle this all. then comes the moving of delicate and valuable assets such as computers, and other electronic devices. For this, we wrap the computers with two-ply bubble wrap, place them in padded bins, and rolled onto the trucks to provide maximum cushioning and protection. This is how we ensure quick and secure moving of your valuable assets.


Our dedicated team will ensure the efficient and seamless execution of IT relocation services. For any assistance, we will mobilize the required resources at both locations and get the work done. For any further assistance, be it remote or onsite, you will have the right support, whenever you need it.

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